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Sharks, dolphins, whales, and tropical fish swim in the waters around Vaavu, which is one of the smallest and most spectacular of the Maldivian atolls. This picturesque atoll is about 40 miles away from the capital city of Male, and it takes about an hour via boat to get from one place to the other. Right off of the atoll's shore is the Vattaru Reef, which is one of two atolls that make up Vaavu. Vattaru is home to many types of plants and marine animals, including several types of sharks. The small island's biodiversity makes it a natural draw for diving, boat tours, and fishing. The other atoll that forms Vaavu is called Felidhu.

Brief History

As a whole, the Maldives have had a rich and diverse human past. The earliest inhabitants appeared on the islands around 543 BC, and they are believed to have stayed there, largely undisturbed, for nearly 100 years. While the first inhabitants most likely lived on Vaavu, no evidence of Buddhism, which was the Maldives' main religion for about 1,400 years, has been found the atoll. Therefore, the Buddhist influences that characterize the architecture and religious practices of other islands in the Maldives is non-existent on Vaavu. However, reminders of the earliest settlers' customs, including poems, songs, and dances, are still practiced by the atoll's population today.

Vaavu was part of the Maldives when it fell under British control in 1887, but today, like the other 25 atolls on the Maldives, Vaavu enjoys an independent government. Seafaring has always been an important way of life for inhabitants there. Along with fishing and tourism, sea-based activities, including tours and fishing, continue to support the present-day local economy.


The topography of Vaavu is made mostly of coral, water, and sand. Like the other Maldivian atolls, Vaavu lies on top of a submerged mountain range. Most of its valuable natural resources are found offshore in the coral reefs and the life-sustaining tropical waters along its coastlines. As one of the designated growth zones in the Maldives, Vaavu has been a center of tourism growth with hotels and resorts slowly changing its natural landscape. The atoll's natural beauty, bird life, plant life, and marine life make it one of the Maldives' top locations for a tropical getaway or diving vacation.

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